Yoga Om Shanti - Connecting All To Peace™

Traditionally yoga was shared one to one between teacher and student. Private sessions are a 
wonderful way to get closer to a deeper understanding of yoga and your personal aspirations. Whether you’re brand new to yoga, an experienced yogi looking to take your physical or spiritual practice to the next level, or a student working through an injury or other setbacks…private yoga can be a beautiful option to enhance your individual journey.


Ayurveda is the healing science of Yoga.  Ayurvedic consultations offer a personalized way to achieve and maintain long-term wellness. Ayurveda, literally meaning "Knowledge of Life" in Sanskrit, it is the most ancient and best-known system of natural health care on the planet today. With its roots in India, Ayurveda treats not just ailments but the whole person, with emphasis on preventing disorders. 

Ayurvedic therapies are able to penetrate and halt the deepest aspects of imbalance in both the body and mind. Together these two ancient sciences can assist the individual back to a holistic way of life, naturally.  

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